Club Volunteers

Our Club is very committed to providing our players with opportunities to develop as an individual, be part of a supportive Club environment, learn how to win (and lose - not so much we hope!) and most importantly, learn those valued life skills that come with belonging to a team. To ensure our players can reach their potential, we need the continued support from our amazing volunteers.

Some of our volunteers make a big commitment at the beginning of the season to fill a vital role at the Club, such as a Coach or Team Manager.

The Volunteer Reward Program recognises the commitment made by these volunteers and rewards this contribution with a financial bonus that is typically used to partially off-set the registration fees owing for the players in the volunteer's membership for that season. 

Other volunteer roles that need to be filled on an ad hoc basis through the season, such as Ground Official or manning the BBQ will be allocated to teams on a roster basis. These ad hoc roles do not have a financial component to them, but rather are just part and parcel of being a member of a Community sporting club.

Volunteer Applications Timeframes

  • Management Committee Position Application Forms are required fourteen (14) days before the AGM. Members determine these positions at the AGM in accordance with the Constitution.
  • Operational Volunteers are appointed by the Management Committee at the AGM. Operational Volunteer Position Application Forms can be submitted at the AGM, but are preferred (7) days before the AGM.
  • Team/General Volunteers will be opened with season sign-on.
SIGN-ON DAY. Registration is now open via the website, but if you would like to register in person, or need to ask questions or just have a look around our club and facilities, we will be open between 9-11am.
First day of School Holiday Program. The program will run from Tues 5th April to Thurs 7th April
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